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The School is situated on the Thiruvottiyur High Road, less than half a kilometre from the sea. It is located in a densely populated and highly industrialised locality where a real need for modern school with all facilities had been felt. It has modern buildings, in an area of 5.5 acres as well as a play ground of another 6.1 acres. There are separate halls to accommodate class rooms, workshops for tailoring, weaving and typewriting. Also five science laboratories for Physics, Chemistry, Botany, Microbiology and Zoology. A Computer Centre and a General Science Lab for high school and middle school sections.

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It contains about 19,000 books with different categories like all main subjects, Encyclopedia,Games, General knowledge,Personalitydevelopment,Psychology and Philosophy,Religion etc. with about 100 cd’s. Regular newspapers and magazines are available. All the students are given admit cards to utilize the library. Maps and Globes are also available.

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Physics : All the apparatus covering the syllabus as per ISO standard are available.

Chemistry : All the apparatus, reagents and salts covering the syllabus are available.

Biology : All specimens, apparatus, slides, charts and models as per syllabus are available. The lab has an aquarium also.

Bio-chemistry : Various glassware and chemicals as per syllabus are available.

General science : Various apparatus, chemicals, charts, specimens and slides are available as per high school syllabus.

Computer science : We have 75 computers in which about 10 computers are used for administration purpose and the remaining for the students. Internet facility is available. We upload all the details of government schemes like free bicycles, free laptops etc. We also have projectors and screens for presentation purpose.

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Sports facilities include football ground, Volleyball,Basketball,Beach-volleyball,badminton courts. Tracks are also available for Atheletes. Students participate in all the inter-school and sports events and games conducted by the educational department.